Mike Lee's

Jazz To College Comprehensive

A step-by-step course for jazz school applicants

Your child has decided to apply to a college or conservatory to study jazz.
You may be asking yourself:

  • Where do I begin?
  • Which schools should we apply to?
  • How am I supposed to manage all the different applications and deadlines?
  • Where and how do we record pre-screening videos?
  • What do we need to do to get a scholarship?

Now you can get guidance from someone who’s been there. I have been helping students successfully audition for major conservatories for over ten years. My experience as a teacher-mentor, parent, AND college professor recruiting, assessing, and advocating for incoming students make me uniquely qualified to help you on this journey.

Jazz to College Comprehensive

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Included with your membership:

  • Eight live webinars recorded for repeated viewing
  • Live Q&A
  • Access to our resource library.
  • Detailed tutorials for each aspect of the process
  • How to prepare musically (starting now!)
  • How to choose the right school(s)
  • What you need to know about scholarships
  • Recording your pre-screening 
  • Preparing for the live audition/interview
  • Choosing your school
  • Understanding tuition/scholarship offers
  • Appealing for more aid
  • Worksheets & questionnaires to help guide you
  • Pre-filled spreadsheets  to track your progress
  • Strategies on managing dozens of deadlines and due dates
  • Email support for your unique questions
  • Detailed information about leading programs 
  • Recorded interviews with jazz directors
  • Community of parents and students
  • Expert guidance August to May

We offer 8 specific Webinar Coaching Sessions
over a 10 month period

Calendar of Events:

Sunday September 13th 6 pm EST - Webinar One

Preparing repertoire for your college auditions. How to put in the work now that will manifest in your October recording date. Learn what professors are listening for.
Q and A

Sunday September 20th 6 pm EST Webinar Two

Choosing Your School. What Major. Education Major, Double Major, Jazz Performance. Music Therapy. Graduate Degrees.

Sunday October 4th 6 pm EST Webinar Three

College application steps. Setting up the calendar. Recommendation requests, Fafsa requirements, test scores, common app, scholarship search. Essays. Differences in application procedure between schools.

Sunday October 18th 6 pm EST Webinar Four

Prescreening audition recording. Professional accompaniment, Studio or home recording? Narrowing down the repertoire. Video versus audio recording. Q and A.

Sunday November 1st - 6 pm EST Webinar Five

Check in and check up. Setting reminders. Double checking requirements and due dates. Final recording set-list, tune structure, role of the session producer. Q and A

Sunday December 6th - 6 pm EST Webinar Six

Planning live auditions. Responding to Prescreening results. Going over last submission checklists. Are college visits possible this year?  Q and A

Sunday January 31 - 6 pm EST - Webinar Seven

Understanding invitations/ rules of recruitment. What questions to ask. Taking a sample lesson, preparing for the live audition. Preparation checklist. What to wear, etc. Q and A.

Sunday March 7 - 6 pm EST Webinar Eight (part I)

Deciphering your acceptance/award letters. Choosing the best fit. Negotiating for more scholarship. How to advocate with integrity. Q and A

Saturday April 3rd - 1 pm Webinar Eight (part II)

Deciphering your acceptance/award letters. Choosing the best fit. Negotiating for more scholarship. How to advocate with integrity. Q and A

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Frequently Asked Questions:​

What if my student is auditioning as a classical music major, is this still for them?

- The course will still have value; much of the material overlaps with classical music applicants, but there will be topics that will apply to jazz applicants only. Please contact us for details. 

Does this course work for graduate or transfer applicants?

- Yes. Absolutely. There are a few minor differences for graduate applicants but they will discussed in the course.

Do you offer private lessons to course members?

- You can access a one time coaching/evaluation session for an additional fee. Occasionally spots open for a new ongoing student in my private teaching studio. Use the contact form below to request further information. 

Who gets access to this course, the college applicant or her/his parent?

- Each membership includes one login for the applicant and one login for the parents. Access for your private teacher can be arranged by request.

Does this course cover everything I need to know about applying for college?

- In a word - no! Every family's experience with this is unique. There will likely be new challenges that arise around your particular situation. But we will be here discovering the answers together. And, if your experience is like mine, you'll learn about your child (or parent) in a wonderful way. 

If I can’t watch the live-streamed webinars when they're aired, will I be able to watch them later?

- Yes. All webinars will be recorded for your convenience

Do you offer individual evaluation/consulting services?

- Yes. Ninety-minute evaluation/consultation services are offered. Course participants get 20% off standard fees

I  have a private teacher; why do I need this course?

- This course works in conjunction with your private teacher to maximize your audition outcome. This course provides a clearinghouse for all your application related resources.

This feels like a lot of money. Can’t I just look this stuff up?

- In weeks of searching, I found very little helpful information specific to music or jazz program applicants online. Because I, as a music industry professional, struggled through this process with my own child, my students and their parents now have the opportunity to reduce stress, save time, and present more effective applications, auditions and scholarship asks.

Music education is a significant investment. Most of my students have received significant scholarships and many are attending conservatories on a full ride. While everyone’s results are different, if your family were to receive even an additional $1,000 annual scholarship, that would save you $4,000 over four years and this course will have more than paid for itself.

Using our methods, you will save yourself a great deal of time and have access to perspectives from inside top music programs. The less time you spend figuring out the systems at play, the more time you and your child can focus on tailoring this process to their unique talent ….Choosing the right-fit schools and putting forward a powerful audition demonstrating their strengths.
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