Peter Lin Interview

Peter Lin is an exceptional trombonist and budding entrepreneur. Since he came on the scene over a decade ago as a student at William Paterson he has distinguished himself as a forward thinking contributor to the jazz community. I was so honored that he asked to interview me as part of his jazz business series produced by his company, Yardbird Suite Entertainment.

This was done on March 10th, just a few days before we all went into isolation because of Covid -19. The last segment about “Mike’s perfect day” is a little too prophetic. I didn’t mean like this! This interview was a long one. We’ve known each other for so long, there was so much to talk about and Peter let me talk! I was surprised with what came out of my own mouth. The interview is indexed so you can bounce around to topics that interest you (See below the video). Enjoy.

Jazz Biz 101 welcomes jazz saxophonist Mike Lee for a deep conversation about the life of a working jazz musician, educator, jam session host, and most importantly, a parent. Lots of takeaways here including moving, parenting, changing your teaching attitude, giving vs. taking, finding and giving value, jam session vibes, and tips on creating newsletters. Be sure to check the index below to jump to sections that apply to you! Be sure to check out Mike Lee’s Official Website to see his extensive bio:

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00:00:39 – Mike Lee’s Bio & Current Projects
00:02:28 – Cleveland, Ohio to New York City to New Jersey
00:05:36 – How To Prepare For New York
00:06:50 – Memories of Jams At Star Cafe
00:08:28 – What To Expect In New York
00:09:30 – How Mike Lee Became A Jazz Parent
00:10:42 – Julian Lee’s Story
00:12:57 – Matthew Lee’s Story
00:15:00 – Jacquie Lee’s Story
00:17:20 – On Jazz Parenting
00:20:31 – Giving vs. Taking
00:21:25 – Roy Hargrove, John Lee, & Networking
00:23:58 – Ego, Empowerment Through Taking Action, Blaming External Factors
00:27:19 – How To Get Ahead In Business (Taking Responsibility From Feedback)
00:29:13 – Serving & Providing Value For Audience, Music, & History
00:31:37 – Performances Motivates Education
00:33:35 – Cultivating Next Generation For Jazz
00:34:47 – Changing Your Teaching Attitude
00:38:50 – Teaching Is Contributing
00:45:45 – First Time Experience As An Adjunct Professor
00:48:37 – Mike’s History On Jam Sessions
00:50:45 – Reversing Negative Thoughts on Jam Sessions
00:59:26 – Challenging Yourself At Jam Sessions
01:01:15 – Put Yourself In The Leader’s Shoes
01:06:10 – Tips On Newsletters (MailPoet through WordPress)
01:09:13 – Creating Value For Your Audience
01:11:32 – Mike Lee’s Definition Of Success
01:15:44 – Mike Lee’s Perfect Day

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Host – Peter Lin Special
Guest – Mike Lee
Filming – Abel Mireles
Editor – Peter Lin
Music – James Cage Cat – Evan Lin

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