Here are some recordings and videos that I was happy to be a part of. If you listen to a few of them you’ll get an idea of the range of projects I participate in. From the whisper of Loston Harris’ drummer-less trio to free blowing with Oliver Lake – I love it all!

February 2018 at SF Jazz with Loston Harris. “From This Moment On.”

From this Moment On

From Feb 2018 at SF Jazz in San Francisco with the great Loston Harris. Solo starts as duet with Loston, Gianluca joins second chorus with pedal points, then all out swinging uptempo for third chorus. I don't know who shot the video (with my phone), but I'm glad they did!

Posted by Mike Lee Page on Thursday, February 14, 2019

A clip from my recent tour in Europe (January and February 2019) with the great Gianluca Renzi. This is from a concert at La Taquin in Toulouse, France with drummer Lukmil Perez:

Here’s Dave Stryker’s version of “Pieces of Dreams” from his tribute to the great Stanley Turrentine:

This is from an amazing concert in 2014. Free blowing with the Oliver Lake Big Band:

“Why Don’t I” by Sonny Rollins:

Next up is “Tangerine” with the Loston Harris trio at Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola .

Lady Bird from my Wednesday Night Jam session. September of 2016 with Chris Berger and Alvester Garnett

Here’s a track from Oliver Lake’s Big Band album “Wheels”. My contribution starts at about 5 minutes 20 seconds in and my solo at the 8 minute mark.

Another selection with Loston’s Trio. “The Lamp Is Low.” This time at SFJazz

More Oliver Lake Big Band – “Philly Blues”

Josh Evan’s Big Band. “Mental Phrasing” by Roy Hargrove.

Here’s a whole set from Radam Schwartz’s CD Release party September 22nd 2018.

Posted by Wayne Winborne on Saturday, September 22, 2018