Song For All Of Us is Released!

I’m beyond thrilled to announce the release of my first “solo” recording in many years. This CD presents many facets of my musical life from trio performances with master musicians Ed Howard and Lenny White, to more complex original material featuring Bruce Williams, Dave Stryker, and George Colligan. There are even two selections which feature my sons Julian and Matthew.

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"Song For All Of Us" Trailer

Trailer video to my new album "Song For All Of Us" (2019 Iyouwe Music).iTunes: album features:Mike Lee Page – tenor saxophone Ed Howard – bassLenny White – drums George Colligan – pianoDave Stryker – guitar Bruce Williams Saxophonist – alto saxophoneJulian Lee – tenor saxophone Matt Lee – drums

Posted by Mike Lee Page on Tuesday, March 12, 2019
Trailer for “Song For All of Us”

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